Covid 19 Update...  29 July 2021

We're all obviously across the devastating news delivered by the NSW Premier that our lockdown will continue until the end of August. Most of you will also realise that this puts any chance of playing the 2021 season balance out of reach. A further casualty of this extended lockdown is an end to the Nepean Cup Tournaments too.


We will have an official position on this in the coming days. We are in a holding pattern waiting to hear of outcomes of requests made to the FA by FNSW with regard to some fee relief and a definite position from FNSW on their intentions for Champion of Champions. Our association holds out little hope for either to have a positive outcome, however, we will wait for official word.


In the meantime, Nepean FA are optimistic of being able to deliver their Summer Football competitions at Jamison Park and Summerhayes Park commencing towards the end of September. We at Waradale are also hoping to run our Summer Soccer comp from October. Nepean FA opened team nominations on Monday evening, and already, some age groups have been completely filled in the Penrith Competitions. We are however, cautiously delaying the opening of registrations, as we want to be sure that the competition will go ahead before entering into financial exchanges with our participants. For more information on Summer Football, go to or for the Nepean competition or Warradales Summer Soccer Page for Our local Summer Soccer Comp


We hope you're all staying safe and managing the lockdown. We'll send more information as it comes to hand.


Thank you for your patience while Nepean FA have sorted through the various options that they can work with to bring the current suspended season to a conclusion should the current lockdown finish anytime soon.


Below is a PDF File of a Roadmap document that we will be following.

This can also be found on the Nepean FA website too, so you’re aware of what’s available to us that is manageable to work with.


I think we can all agree that this current set back is not ideal and not what anyone of us would have chosen had we had the choice.   so Nepean FA have gone with what they can confidently implement and manage within our framework.


If you need any further clarification or you have any questions regarding the attached document, Please contact us and we will seek the correct information at that time from Nepean FA.  



PDF File - 

Covid 19 Update...  15 July 2021




18 July 2020 update

Dear Warradale FC  Members and Waterboard Oval Visitors


Due to the current increase in Covid cases in NSW and Victoria and under the current Football NSW and Australian Health regulations we have updated our COVID-19 Safety Plan for football.  ( Please see PDF File below. ).


All Clubs and Associations need to update their COVID-19 Safety Plans to ensure that we take the additional steps required to comply with the tightening restrictions and keep our participants safe.


The additional sections of the Safety Plan include:

1.       Ensure processes are in place to exclude participants (including spectators and officials) if they have visited Victoria in the 14 days prior

2.       Ensure processes are in place to exclude participants (including spectators and officials) if they have attended any of the reported case locations listed on the NSW Health website here

3.       Take all reasonable steps to minimise the number of spectators attending community sport events.

4.       If sufficient numbers to field teams cannot be achieved, prioritise delaying the game/event rather than substituting with people from other teams

5.       Ensure the number of people in a facility does not exceed one person per 4 square metres of space (excluding staff) to a maximum of 500 people, and in the case of major recreational facilities, we are rolling out a process to use QR codes to record details of attending patrons.

                              ...18 July updated Warradale FC Club return to play plan..........


30 June 2020 update



                                                              BACK TO PLAY PLANS                                          


We are excited to inform you that we are back to play starting next Saturday 4th July 2020.


we would like to welcome you back and remind you of the importance to follow all covid safe protocols we have in place to keep us all virus free

It is important that If you are feeling unwell with flu like symptoms please stay home and while at our ground please follow all protocols in place, Help us help us all stay safe.

Please see the below required Australian Health, FFA, NFA and Council approved back to play plan relevant to you.

We look forward to the season ahead and wish every team the best of luck with your seaason.



                                WARRADALE FC Club Return to play plan:     .........................................

                                Warradale FC Coaches return to play plan:   .........................................

                               Warradale FC Players and Spectators return to play plan   .............


                               Waradale FC Covid safe Use of Canteen Plan ........................................



                                          Government Resources

                                                                    SYMPTOMS OF COVID19


Check the NSW Government website link advice regarding the full list of symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection:

      Warradale FC  encourages the regular use of the following resources and websites in order to                                                                            obtain accurate information:

Australian Government Department of Health

NSW Government Department of Health

World Health Organisation:

Australian Institute of Sport:

Sport Australia:

A range of COVID-19 “campaign resources’ produced by the Federal Government, including posters outlining hygiene practices (e.g. promoting regular and thorough hand washing) can be found at:








29 May 2020 update

                                                        COVID-19 Update - Season 2020 Return to Training


‘Warradale FC are happy to announce we have received approval from NFA and Wollondilly Shire Council to proceed to return to training for season 2020 and our aim is to return Tuesday 2nd June 2020. The only items remaining for Warradale FC left to complete to return to training by this date are:

 - The Linemarking to be completed on the field,

 - Coaches attend and complete the information session  

 - Team training timetables to be populated and issued to NFA.


We have provided the following PDF Files for our members to show our compliance to Football NSW Guidelines and Safework Australia COVID-19 Protocols. These plans outline our club’s intention to provide a facility where teams can train in an environment that mitigates risk of spread of disease, adhering to social distancing laws and allow continuing development of player skill sets and fitness. It is our hope these plans allow a safe and successful return to training for season 2020. Note: Plans are robust, working title subject to review and amendment on a weekly basis in line with continuing developments in restrictions laws.


                      - Club back to training plan 2020 ...................................... 

                      - Coaches back to training plan 2020.............................. 

                      - Players and Spectators back to training plan ....... 


25 May 2020 update

                                                                WATERBOARD OVAL OPEN


Please be advised that Waterboard Oval is open for training purposes only at this time, all training will commence under strict Australian Health, WFC, NFA and Council guidelines once our club has been given approval......... please read below for more Info.

                                                     RETURN TO TRAINING AND TEAMS UPDATE

Hi everyone, we have endured a very tough few months and the light is at the end of the tunnel - we would like to provide an update on return to training and current team lists


Despite Football NSW advising clubs can return to training, We wish to clarify the following.. 


                                                                  (please read all very carefully)

*All clubs in NFA need to submit a return to training plan to NFA to gain approval as we need to meet certain guidelines and government enforced restriction laws which once NFA approve we then submit to our members - we are in the process of collating information to issue to NFA for approval

- Our club needs to gain approval from Wollondilly Council for use of club toilets as currently only public toilets are open for use - we are currently in talks of submitting required information to council to gain provisional use
- Committee is in the process of organising a
coaches information session Saturday 30th May 11am at Waterboard Oval. This will not be mandatory for coaches to attend on the day however in order for coaches to conduct training they will need to have completed information session prior to conduct training so it is best all coaches wishing to conduct training to attend. Managers are also welcome to attend.
Training days/times are set to be reviewed in order to meet guidelines so please DON’T plan for training to return as per previous arrangements, we can assure you we will
endeavour to provide all information to members ASAP.

Provided the above can be met and approved in time the plan is to return to training Tuesday 2nd June.

                                                                                TEAMS UPDATE

It was really pleasing to see that all teams are still ok to proceed at this point for the season and is really encouraging all players are keen to get out on the field. However due to some deregistrations across all age groups we wish to advise we have vacancies on the following age groups

*Over 35’s

If you wish to enquire about vacancies in other age groups than the ones mentioned above please contact to see what we can do.

On a final note on the above, please note return to training can only be successful if all members, parents included, are able to remain vigilant and follow the rules

The field at Waterboard is currently open for use by council and people are welcome to kick the ball around however you are not covered by the clubs insurance if you get injured as our club is not approved to return to training as of yet.

Cheers to hopefully a great season ahead

John Letby

Print or Download the full WFC  update in PDF Here

Print or Download the full NFA#2  update in PDF Here

Print or Download the full NFA#3  update in PDF Here

15 May 2020 update




Dear Warradale FC Members  


As you are aware season 2020 is currently on hold, however Nepean FA (NFA) are currently working towards a July 2020 season re-commencement and Warradale FC Committee are also working towards this date, each day that passes fills us with confidence that a July start date could well be a possibility. NFA hope to be able to provide confirmation of the season status by Mid-June, but remain reliant upon State Government, FNSW and local councils to confirm this information.


We however would like to kindly ask all members to confirm your commitment to Warradale FC for season 2020. We also need to understand the impact players commitments will have on the current team lists moving forward so we can advise NFA.


If you are intending to remain committed to the season, please read the recent NFA COVID-19 Player Update #2 issued from NFA via email 26th April 2020 to all members prior to confirming this. It is also attached below this letter for your convenience. Please read this letter and the NFA COVID-19 Update #2 thoroughly.


If you are intending on de-registering for this season, please note the following:


  • If you intend on receiving full refund from NFA and Warradale FC when deregistering, you will have until 11:59pm Saturday 23rd May to complete deregistration

  • We ask you to contact our club registrar and your coach by COB Thursday 21st May 2020 if you intend on deregistering to receive full refund from NFA and Warradale FC. This will allow our club to provide early notification of teams that are likely to be impacted or withdrawn  

  • If you choose to deregister between 24th may – round 1 of season re-commencement, please advise your coach and registrar and then complete de-registration. Please note Warradale FC will receive a refund of your fees paid to NFA, less a $16.50 de-registration fee. Warradale FC will pass the balance onto you.

  • Standard rules regarding deregistration during the season will apply as per usual after season re-commencement. You will not receive a refund if you choose to deregister after playing a minimum of 1 game

  • If you choose to de-register prior to 11:59pm 23rd May, NFA will reject your request to re-register if the season is confirmed to re-commence

  • You must complete de-registrations on Play football and then notify the club registrar you have completed deregistration. Club registrar email address is


There are also a number of junior and senior players yet to finalize payment for registration. Those players will be contacted privately to confirm their commitment to Warradale FC this season. These players will have until COB Tuesday 19th May to re-affirm their commitment to the club to discuss payment or confirm de-registration. We need to know this as a priority so that we can assess if the teams these players are currently registered in will remain viable for season 2020.


Please note the following administration deadlines Warradale FC have to meet with NFA


  • Friday 22nd May 2020 – Warradale FC have to provide list of teams impacted by players opting to take de-registrations and teams that will have to be withdrawn

  • Sunday 7th June 2020 – Warradale FC have to provide final team listings to NFA so NFA can issue Warradale FC registration fees and NFA can commence re-grading if applicable



Our club maintains a stance of support for our players and we wish to re-affirm goodwill for our members in these trying times. We can confirm the following:


  • Players who wish to deregister by 23rd May will be refunded in full by NFA and Warradale FC except for AKV for Junior Players 

  • Players who wish to deregister after 23rd May and before round 1 will receive full refund of registration fees minus deregistration fee from NFA and AKV for junior players

  • All players will be refunded in full with the exception of AKV for junior players if season is cancelled

  • All Players will receive their training shirts regardless of the season outcome - Due to current international travel restrictions the shirts arrived on Tuesday 12th May. The training shirts is our goodwill to you and our commitment to advertise our sponsors.

  • All players will receive business partnership advertising coupons from our sponsors and other various local businesses as our club is looking to provide support for local business in these tough times. We will be advising when these coupons will be issued.

  • After Sunday 24th May our club will provide a post to confirm the remaining teams or teams that need to be altered, please be mindful we can only be as transparent as the players are with their intentions to confirm they remain committed or deregister by the above dates. We are here to support you so all we kindly ask for is for transparency. We will receive further direction from NFA to provide final team listings by 7th June.


In closing this has been a roller coaster year so far and a year that is certainly unprecedented. They say there is light at the end of the tunnel and if we all continue to do what the government authorities tell us to do we can all certainly contribute to getting back out on the field and do what we do best. 


Yours in Sport 


John Letby

President – Warradale FC

COVID-19  updates below


Warradale FC have been made officially aware season 2020 has been temporarily suspended from 12am Wednesday 18th March - 14th April 2020

We apologise for this however this is a unique and fluid situation completely out of our hands.


Update #1

13th March 2020


Update #2

17th March, 2020