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                                                  NFA 2020 Electronic Match Sheet information



In 2020 NFA have announced we will be running with the Electronic Match Sheets (EMS).

In short this is a electronic system that can be accessed by a teams coach or managers smart phone or electronic device to be able to complete weekly game sheets which will replace the old paper team sheets.


 The EMS system which will be needed and used to easily fill in information regarding your teams weekly players, shirt numbers, proof of player identity, age and eligible upgrades etc,  to comply with NFA regulations at each weekly game.

If for some reason you are at any stage unable to access the EMS at an away game please ask your hosting club if they would have a device available to use to access the EMS,  if this is not possible, please email  or text or call our Competition Secretary Steve on 0409 390 155 straight away..

Warradale FC will allocate a username and password to each of our competition teams coaches and managers to allow access to the system.

Please feel free to contact Steve on the above number for any questions you may have or help required in using the EMS system.

All Usernames and passwords will be allocated to our coaches and managers before the start of the season.

Please contact Steve Keller by phone or email - or Jenny if you have not received a username and password.


Please see below a link to a video demonstration on how to complete the EMS. we have also attached a downloadable / printable pdf file of the step-by-step guide on how to complete the EMS.



Step by Step guide ( PDF )  ---

Electronic Match Sheet Tutorial - iCompMan

Watch the following step-by-step video on how to complete an Electronic Match Sheet in iCompMan.

The Nepean Summer Football Competition has been used in the demonstration, therefore it may view slightly different to that of the Winter Season.