FULTON HOGAN

                         2020 WARRADALE FC




STEP 1.  Organise a Team ! .............   ( if registering individually and you wish to be placed in a team          -   go to step 5 )

STEP 2.  Organise a Team Name !

STEP 3.  Allocate a Team Coach or Contact.

STEP 4.  Coach or Contact - Email our registrar  (  and advise us with the team name of your choice and we will create it in the system and confirm when it is ready.

Your team can then register straight into that team.

STEP 5.  Go to Registration Website

New Player : If you are a new player to the club you will need to create a Login & sign up

Excisting Players : Please use your excisting login to sign in & sign up.

STEP 6.  When signed in, From the top left, select,  "my account"

STEP 7.  Select "Start Registration"

STEP 8.  Type in "Warradale" and then click Warradale SC 

STEP 9.  Make sure you have all documents at the ready, and click "get started"

( the passport photo can be taken from a phone and then easily uploaded to the software )

STEP 10.  Select the person you are registering, if you are registering a new player please choose the bottom option.

STEP 11.  Under Summer Registration - Select the age group you are registering for.

STEP 12  From the drop down munu, choose your selected "team name" and update shoping cart, then click "Continue"

If you are reigistering and do not have a team, select the "please select" option and we will manually place you in a team.

STEP 13.  Proceed to fill in all your details and please be sure tp select a shirt size.

STEP 14.  Upload photo..

( the passport photo can be taken from a phone and then easily uploaded to the software )

Photo must be from just below the shoulders - up. best results come when the photo is well lit in the facial area and not wearing colours that clash with a light coloured background.  

STEP 15.  Review and confirm all details and proceed to payment




Where to register -

Active Kids Voucher -

Warradale Facebook -

Warradale FC Website -


President -

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Admin -

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