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Warradale FC - Canteen & Amenities
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2024 Warradale FC Registrations Open 8th January 2024


Under 5 - Under 8  ............................ $ 180.00

Under 9  ............................................ $ 185.00

Under 10 - Under 12  ........................ $ 195.00

Under 13 - Under 16  ........................ $ 245.00

Under 17 - Under 18  ........................ $ 260.00

AAM - AAW - O35's  .......................... $ 355.00

2024 Warradale FC Registrations Quick Guide


While registering online you will need to tick and agree to our basic disciplinary rules and regulations. By ticking these boxes you will be agreeing to those terms and conditions. Warradale FC reserves the right to take any action required in accordance with our club Rules , regulations and club constitution.

Please click the pdf file link to the right to download or read these conditions now.

Step 1 - Have your photo ready

Registration Photos

Please make sure your photo is a recent one, taken within the last 6 months. Photos must be passport style with a plain background, basically a head & shoulders shot against a plain wall! Photos that will be rejected include black & white, wearing a hat or sunglasses, group photos, cropped blurry photos, photo of a photo, side on photos, selfies or with a plain background.

Step 2 - Apply for your Active Kids Voucher 

Under 18 years only - please skip to step 3 if you do not wish to apply for this voucher

The Active Kids Voucher program is changing in 2024. The current vouchers expire on the 31st Jan 2024 with the new program starting on the 1st February 2024.

If you are eligible to claim an Active Kids Voucher, please ensure that you have applied for it through Service NSW prior to registering. In Dribl.

the voucher is applied prior to the payment stage, at the end before you click checkout or add new registration.

When reviewing the registration there is an option to add voucher, you need to do it then!

If you get the the payment page without adding in, you will need to go back, cancel the registration and then an option to continue will come up and whilst you won’t need to enter all the info again you will need to click through to the review page and add the voucher.

Apply for your Active Kids Voucher here



Helpful Links

2024 Eligibility Guide - 

Office of sport: Active Kids -

Frequently asked questions

About Active Kids -

Step 3 - Register Online 



You will need to obtain a Drible account to be able to register -

There will also be a face to face meet required to show proof of ID, Age etc. This can be done at one of our onsite registration and Info days. These dates will be announced on both our website and our Facebook page in January 2024.


 Registration is done directly online through Dribl


Payments can be made online during registration,

Warradale FC gives the option to skip payment and pay the club directly if needed,

Please note - All registration payments are to be finalised by Friday 22nd March 2024.


If in need of a payment arrangment, Please contact a committee member or email 

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